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Entity Culling

How does it work?

The limiting of entities is done using the Farm Limiter plugin. This plugin removes entities based on certain limits, defined by the configuration file.

The following image shows how grouping of entities works. Whenever the size of a group exceeds the defined limit for that entity, the entities are removed until the group is below the defined size-per-distance limit.

Farm limiter


The distance is measure in a circle around the middle of the "group" of entities.

Custom limits

There are some entities that require custom limits. This could be because of resource-intensive AI's or other optimizations.

Entity / Entities Distance Amount
Pig, Cow, Chicken 24 16
Sheep, Piglin 24 10
Iron Golem 48 16
Zombified Piglin, Ghast, Magma Cube, Hoglin, Enderman, Snowman 24 8
Turtle 64 56
Bee 24 9
Villager, Zombie Villager 48 12
Creeper 48 12
Skeleton, Spider, Cave Spider, Rabbit, Strider 36 2
Wither Skeleton 32 12
Zombie, Husk 24 2
Wither 48 4
Wither Skull 32 16
Dropped Item 32 36
Snowball, Thrown Exp. Bottle, Experience Bottle 32 12
Minecart (all variants) 1 16
Boat 12 10

Default limits

If an entity is not explicitly mentioned in the table above, the following limits apply:

Distance Amount
8 8
12 10
18 12
24 16
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